Are You In a Job or Ministry? Reframing Work to Change Your Whole Experience

Remember the story about the stonecutter centuries ago? He was chiseling a huge piece of stone, pieces of rock flying from his pounding hammer. All the while he was whistling and humming as he worked.

A passerby stopped and asked him why he could make music while doing such mundane and arduous work. He said, “I’m not just chiseling stone. I’m making a cathedral.”

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It’s true. What can reorient our experience of work is capturing the right vision. Reframing our reality. Seeing what it is beyond what our eyes perceive to what our souls believe.

I used to think this was possible for some kinds of work but not others. I mean, how is this possible for someone stuck in a deadend job that doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere; or for someone caught in work that is filled with not just mundane and repetitive tasks but dysfunctional environments? Is it really possible to see these kinds of jobs as ministry? What does this mean anyway?

Four Ways Your Spouse Improves Your Goal Success

This time of year, we’re all trying to find whatever methods we can to help us achieve our goals (those things that really matter to us) more successfully.

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It’s possible that some of us have neglected a resource that research is reminding us has transformational capacities for helping us achieve our goals more effectively.

We all know that accountability is a powerful tool in this regard. But accountability with whom? And specifically how?

How to Face Obstacles in a Way That Furthers Instead of Impedes Your Calling

What are obstacles you’re facing right now? What might be standing in your way of fulfilling what matters most to you, tempting you with intimidation, striking fear and insecurity in your heart? What is challenging and eroding your sense of identity, impeding your calling, purpose, and mission in your life? Or what challenges are you facing in your pursuit of your Calling that may feel big and difficult?

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Let me suggest some ways to reframe these obstacles that will give you direction on how to face them with more courage, wisdom, and effectiveness.

Three Ways to Discover Your Unique Calling

Why is knowing your Calling so important?

There’s an ancient scripture that says, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

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Here’s the deal: a vision of authentic purpose breathes life into us. A calling gives us a powerful, sacred, and holy vehicle to express who we are. Living our calling enables us to step more fully into our true selves and make the contribution to life that we are uniquely designed for. It focuses our life energies. So let me suggest several steps to exploring this Calling in your life. 

Don’t Confuse Your Roles With Your Calling

You and I are tempted to be distracted by the Goliaths in our lives by seeing them as our primary mission. Remember the epic story about David and Goliath? But the moment we cave to this paradigm, we lose sight of the bigger calling. And when we lose sight of our calling and primary purpose, the obstacles in front of us grow bigger and more threatening. Fighting the giants becomes an all or nothing event—we win, we can keep on going; we lose, it’s all over.

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We have to return again and again to seeing what stands in our way not as our primary mission but as situations or people we simply have to deal with in order to fulfill our true mission. This perspective on reality is what empowers us to persist in the face of great odds.

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photo courtesy of shutter Frazao

photo courtesy of shutter Frazao

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